Step Up Legacy Plan

Sell Your Business to Someone You Know and Trust.

The Step Up Legacy Plan, because the ideal buyers of your business may be key employees.

Your Ideal Buyer

If you’re ready to sell your business, it can be difficult to find the perfect buyer. You want someone who knows your clients, the systems already in place, your processes, and the company culture. Beyond that familiarity, you want a buyer who will preserve all of these pillars of your successful business when you sell it.

The Step Up Legacy Plan provides the opportunity for you to sell your business to your top employees. You can trust that your employees will bring continuity to all of these, where an external, third-party buyer may not honor your legacy.

Our team of business brokers at Allen Business Advisors can help you facilitate the sale of your business to your most trusted employees. With The Step Up Legacy Plan, we help your employees achieve the finances necessary to purchase your business and continue your legacy.

If you would sell your business to your key employees at fair market value, and receive payment at closing, we can help you achieve this goal. Contact us today.


The Challenges

Most business owners do not consider selling to their employees because they assume the employees do not have the financial ability to purchase the business at a fair market value.

Even business owners who are willing to help their employees buy the business do not want to be “the bank” for the transaction. The truth is — they don’t have to be!

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The Solution: Our Business Brokers

Allen Business Advisors is a business brokerage firm composed of former commercial bankers. We have brought our combined experience of more than 30 years in commercial banking to solutions tailored to facilitate hundreds of business loans. We offer you a solution for financing the sale of your business to your ideal buyers: your known and trusted employees.

Through The Step Up Legacy Plan, our business brokers will help your employees achieve the business loans they need to buy your business with ten percent down.

The Reality

The reality of selling your business to your employees is that banks prefer to lend money to finance commercial real estate and not finance the acquisition of a business with a collateral shortfall. In addition, the Small Business Administration wants to promote and support the transfer of existing businesses because this preserves jobs and provides stability to the community.

The facts are — SBA’s “standard operating procedure” (loan policy) allows for a down payment of 10 percent on the purchase price. This policy allows collateral shortfalls. Virtually all business acquisitions will have a collateral shortfall because of goodwill. What’s more, according to the SBA, this is not a reason to pass on a loan.

Allen Business Advisors is knowledgeable about business valuations, cash flow, and loan structuring. We understand bankers and speak “banker talk.” Bankers enjoy working with us because they know and trust us and recognize the quality of our work.

YOU CAN achieve your goal of selling your business to your trusted and valued employees with the help of our business brokers. Sixty-seven percent of Americans desire to own a business, and yours is a valuable legacy. Call us today for a consultation and get started on offering your employees The Step Up Legacy Plan to achieve your dreams AND theirs.

Benefits for the Seller

  • You will receive most of your money at the closing table.
  • Your employees already know and appreciate the value of the business.
  • Your employees know your clients, customers, systems, processes, and company culture.
  • Your legacy is preserved with a level of continuity for you, your employees, AND your customers that may not be possible in a sale to an outside, third-party buyer.
  • These types of transactions tend to be highly successful.
  • You will pass your legacy to someone you know and trust.
  • A shorter transition period can be achieved for everyone involved.

Benefits for the Buyer(s)

  • Financing is made available using the “right” bank.
  • The buyer’s down payment can be as little as 10 percent of the purchase price.
  • These types of transactions tend to be highly successful.
  • The buyer benefits from a “built-in” legacy and a start on owning their own business and controlling their future.
  • The buyer acquires an already-established business, which places them on a firm foundation for a rewarding future.
  • The buyer acquires a business with an established customer base, a solid position in the marketplace, and a significantly higher probability of success than with a startup.

Are you ready to sell your business to your trusted employees through the Step Up Legacy Plan? Contact the business brokers at Allen Business Advisors.

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