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  1. Selling An Engineering Business

      Looking Ahead Selling an engineering business is a process and not an event.  Time and planning are required to achieve success because eventually, everyone leaves their engineering business. Ideally, you will prepare for the next era with a succession plan put in place long before the sale time…Read More

  2. Value Drivers? Yes! Between The Owner’s Ears? No!

      Dawn and Preston Slater, owners of a machine shop with $7 million in annual revenue, sat down and announced, "We have decided to leave the business as soon as possible. We've got our management team in place and want to execute a transfer of the entire business in the next six to 24 months. I…Read More

  3. Does Value-Building Equal Exit Planning?

    Every day, we work with owners to build sustainable value in their companies. Some of these owners build value to make their companies more profitable, others build value with an eye on growth, while still others want to use systems that build value to become more organized. These are great reasons …Read More

  4. Building Value Is the Win-Win-Win of Exit Planning

    Ultimately your success is not determined by how well you ran your business, but by how well the business runs without you. If you cannot be replaced, your business can not be sold to an insider or an outside third party. We want to fix that. With a little luck and a lot of hard work, we can help yo…Read More

  5. Value Doesn’t Grow on Trees…..or Does It?­­

    We all know that “money doesn’t grow on trees.”  And neither does business value.  You can’t just wait until you are ready to leave your business to find out how much “value” you need or want and how much “value” exists in your business.  By then it will be too late.  The tree me…Read More

  6. Motivate and Retain Key Employees

    Get More Bang For The Buck: Use Cash Bonuses And Golden Handcuffs To Increase Business Value Too often, owners only discover that the compensation plans they've put in place for key employees are sadly inadequate when those key employees leave their companies for greener pastures. The departure of o…Read More

  7. The Legal Audit

    Most business people are familiar with the audit performed by their accountants. The purpose of an accounting audit is to verify the accuracy of the financial information appearing on the company’s financial statements. A legal audit is similar in that the legal affairs of a business are subjected…Read More