Business Advisory Services

Buying the Boss Out

By derekbrenner1 / February 3, 2023

Buying the Boss Out Have you imagined owning the company that employs you? Have you thought about the wealth that you could generate? This could be possible if you work for a small business in a management capacity and the owner is close to retirement. The information below provides a foundation.  The Opportunity Based on…

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Business Acquisition Financing

By derekbrenner1 / January 26, 2023

Almost every Bank has a loan policy or lending culture that is more conservative than the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). This makes selecting a Bank for business acquisition financing to be of the utmost importance. When the acquisition of a business is being financed, the SBA SOP allows for an equity…

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Why Sellers Need Advisors

By John Allen / June 20, 2022

There are no mulligans or do-overs when it comes time to sell your business — you must get it right the first time. Frequently, business owners make critical mistakes when trying to sell their business without advisors. This often happens when the owner is trying to sell to an employee. Simply put, there is no…

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