Buying the Boss Out

By derekbrenner1 / February 3, 2023

Buying the Boss Out Have you imagined owning the company that employs you? Have you thought about the wealth that you could generate? This could be possible if you work for a small business in a management capacity and the owner is close to retirement. The information below provides a foundation.  The Opportunity Based on…

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Business Acquisition Financing

By derekbrenner1 / January 26, 2023

Almost every Bank has a loan policy or lending culture that is more conservative than the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). This makes selecting a Bank for business acquisition financing to be of the utmost importance. When the acquisition of a business is being financed, the SBA SOP allows for an equity…

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4 Reasons to Choose Allen Business Advisors

By John Allen / October 10, 2022

Whether you’ve made the decision to sell your land surveying business, sell your engineering business, or sell your architectural business, there’s a lot to consider. At Allen Business Advisors, our mission is to offer the support, assistance, and expertise you need to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Learn more about what makes us the best…

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5 Types of Buyers for Engineering and Land Surveying Businesses

By John Allen / June 16, 2022

Are you looking to sell your engineering or land surveying business? If so, you may be wondering what types of buyers are out there and which one is right for your business. At Allen Business Advisors, we work with many different types of buyers who are interested in purchasing engineering and land surveying businesses. Here…

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Four Reasons to Sell Your Engineering and Land Surveying Business with Allen Business Advisors

By John Allen / May 5, 2022

Are you looking to sell your engineering or land surveying business but don’t know who to turn to? Look no further than Allen Business Advisors. With years of experience in the industry, we can help you get the deal you deserve on the business you’ve worked so hard for. Keep reading to learn more about…

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Sell Your Business For Maximum Value

By John Allen / December 16, 2020

Maximizing Business Value  Business value is the total value of the physical assets of the business and the value of goodwill. The physical assets consist of automobiles, equipment, computers, software, account receivables, etc. Goodwill is based on future cash flow the business will generate, name, and reputation in the marketplace. With that said, name and…

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