Only You Can Decide If You Are Ready To Sell Your Business By Having A Quiet Conversation With Yourself.

Thinking about selling, but you’re not sure if it’s the right move? We’ll make it easier to decide with this rule: The best indicator is when you can get the money you need to be financially secure.

Business Brokerage Services For Sellers

We are business brokers whose practice primarily sells Architectural & Engineering Firms and Health Care & Dental Practices. We have a list of qualified buyers who have expressed the desire to buy the types of businesses that we represent. Thus, our propriety database of potential buyers is immensely valuable when finding a buyer for your business. We have contacts in the marketplace that can also help us find a buyer for your business. If this does not yield results, we implement a targeted marketing campaign. In our experience, buyers of our clients’ business types are not looking to buy a business but respond when an opportunity is available.

Sometimes, the best buyer for your business is an employee or family member. The challenge is that most sellers need the money and most buyers do not have adequate funds to buy the business. With proper planning and time, we can overcome this issue. We ensure that our clients do not give up control of their business until they receive most of the sales proceeds.

Our Sales Process

Introductory Meeting

During the introductory meeting, we spend a significant amount of time understanding the owner’s business and personal goals. We provide you with insight and advice to help you determine your level of interest and readiness to sell your company at this time.

Business Valuation

To help you assess if you are ready to sell, our brokerage team works with you to determine a realistic asking price for the business. As Business Brokers, our expertise and knowledge of the current market enables us to determine a realistic sales price range. However, given our commercial banking backgrounds, we encourage you to engage a professional, independent third party business appraiser. We can provide you with some recommendations.

Tax Evaluation

After determining a likely sales price, our Business Brokers work with your CPA firm to determine the tax ramifications of the sale. This helps us structure the terms of the sale in a manner that minimizes your taxes while maximizing the business value.

Decision Time

After establishing a reasonable price, determining the ideal sale structure, and educating on tax ramifications, you decide whether or not you are ready to sell. If you are ready, we then sign a listing agreement and begin the sales process. If you’re not quite ready, our brokers can help you prepare for your eventual exit and work on positioning the business for a future sale at a higher price.

Pre-Sale Review

If you are ready to move forward, we prepare the business for a due diligence review (audit) that a buyer will conduct. This helps us identify and resolve any potential issues before your business goes to market and for a buyer to discover.

We are Business Brokers — not attorneys or CPAs. To conduct proper due diligence, the services of these professionals will be required. This results in a smoother due diligence process and

The end result is that the due diligence goes smoother and the buyer is more confident and comfortable.

Offering Memorandum / Prospectus

For larger businesses, our broker team assembles a comprehensive offering of memorandum/prospectus to market and sell your company. The prospectus is one of the major tools we use to sell your business.


A synopsis is a summary of the prospectus with less detail. This provides potential buyers with a basic description of the business without revealing the name of the business or any sensitive information. If a potential buyer is serious, they will sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.