Our pre-sale planning program is designed for businesses that desire to go to be listed for sale in less than six months. A primary focus is preparing for the buyer’s due diligence (audit). We know that a buyer will analyze your financial statements, question your projections, review your legal documents, critique your operations, and question your employee’s willingness to stay with the business once you depart. Our preparation ensures that this process will run smoothly.

We also provide Exit and Succession planning–a pre-sale program for business owners that desire to sell in the medium to distant future. We place an emphasis on growing value, protecting the business, and minimizing taxes. This is a comprehensive program that is designed for you to leave your business at the time of your choosing and to the person of your choosing. The process will also ensure that you leave with the money you need to be financially secure.

Exit and Succession planning is ideal for business owners who wish to sell to a key employee. It overcomes the frequent challenge of an employee not having enough money to buy your business and prevents you, the seller, from “being the bank.”