We conduct customized searches to help qualified buyers buy architectural and engineering firms, and healthcare practices. Some of the services that are included:

Business Qualifying

  • We help buyers to identify the type of business that they find desirable based upon product/services, geographical location, the number of employees and revenue.

Business Search

  • We have been building our database for years, initially as Commercial Loan Officers then as Business Brokers. Our database contains the names of businesses, the owner’s name, the age of the business, the number of employees, and gross sales and comments from prior conversations.
  • We belong to trade groups, associations and work with CPAs and other professionals that provided services to our targeted group.

Advanced Buyer Search

  • We conduct targeted mail campaign with follow-up phone calls.
  • We will visit companies that have expressed an interest in selling.

Broker’s Opinion of Value

A Broker’s Opinion of Value will be conducted on all businesses that have expressed an interest in being acquired. This is an educated “best guess” as to the value of the business. We review the tax returns, business model, systems and processes, management structure and recent sales of businesses to determine a value.

Preparation of Initial Offers on an Identified Business Acquisition Target

Upon selection of a suitable business acquisition target, we will help prepare preliminary offers for the business. The proposed deal structure will be designed to meet the buyer’s needs, the bank’s needs (if applicable) and the seller’s needs. A successful transaction is not only measured by the sale price, but more importantly by the deal structure. Allen Business Advisors can save buyers thousands of dollars by creating the most beneficial offer in terms of financing, deal structure, tax implications, etc.

Introduction to Due Diligence Professionals

If needed, Allen Business Advisors will recommend professionals to assist with the due diligence. The areas of services include, but are not limited to:

  • CPA
  • Attorney
  • Banker
  • Insurance
  • Human Resources

Oversee Due Diligence

We will coordinate and oversee the due diligence, but we recommend that you hire additional professionals as needed. We are not CPAs or lawyers.


Throughout the sale process, there will be ongoing negotiations that may not be covered in the preliminary offer such as training, assumption of liabilities, office leases, payment terms, etc. This is the most difficult benefit of Allen Business Advisors’ services to measure, but certainly one of its most valuable.

Bank Financing

As former Commercial Loan Officers, we understand the banking landscape and have multiple contacts. As part of this service, we will take a buyer from the initial bank application to the ultimate closing and funding of the transaction. Obtaining bank financing can be more difficult than the actual business buying process itself.

After the Closing

After the closing, we will continue to work with you to help you become accustomed to operating the business. We will act as your sounding board. If something is beyond your expertise, we will provide you referrals.


By hiring Allen Business Advisors to aid you with your buyer-directed search, we act as an ongoing / as needed resource to cover all aspects of the process, not only until the deal is consummated but well beyond that point. Our fee is earned from the time the first acquisition candidate is identified, through the negotiating process to the time the transaction is consummated and beyond.