Only you can decide if you are ready to sell your business by having a quiet conversation with yourself. The biggest indications that you are ready to sell your business are that you can get the money you need to be financially secure and that you have a plan for your life after the sale.

Business Valuations

As business brokers that sell businesses, we have insight into the value of your business, as determined by the marketplace. Factors that are evaluated include cash flow, business model, employees, clients and more.

Loan Brokerage

Our Loan Brokerage Program helps businesses (and buyers of businesses) to obtain the money they need. Our funding sources include banks, private equity, and lenders of last resort.

Pre-Sale Planning

Our Banker’s Analysis Program compares your business’s profitability, expense management, ratio analysis and balance sheet to comparable businesses using the same industry reports used by the banks. Then we explain it in plain English.

Transaction Advisory

As a hybrid between business brokers and Mergers & Acquisition Advisors (M&A), we help our clients think and act strategically when it comes to their business.