We are the business broker for A&E businesses, and healthcare and dental practitioners. Our clients own businesses that are too complex for the main street broker and too small for the M&A firms that desire to sell much larger businesses.

Our clients’ businesses are sold using our proprietary database that has been developed over the years. Typically, buyers of the types of businesses that we represent are not looking to buy a business but respond when an opportunity arises to buy a business. If a buyer is actively looking to expand by buying a business, they are calling a business broker that is active in the marketplace, that has information and connections to help facilitate the purchase of a business.

Pre-Sale Planning

Selling a business is all about the paperwork and being prepared for the buyer’s questions. We help prepare you and the business for the sale.


If you own a professional service business, we will connect you with potential buyers in your area, and across the nation.


The seller will have several advisors during the listing and sales process and you should also! Start your next chapter now.

Buyer's Broker

We conduct customized searches for businesses looking to expand through acquisition.