1. A Race Against Time

      Successful, active business owners seldom slow down. Many business owners are both great at planning (for their businesses) and terrible at planning (for themselves).  There are so many great business challenges to tackle, planning for your personal ownership future can get pushed to the bac…Read More

  2. Can You Sell Your Company to an Outside Third Party?

      We talk to business owners every day who “plan” to exit their companies via a sale to a third party because they believe that they’ll get more cash up front (and more overall) than if they sell their companies to insiders (family members or employees). Consequently, they believe there i…Read More

  3. Former Business Owners Express No Regrets About Selling Out

      "I can't play golf every day." "My wife wants to see more of me — but not at every breakfast, lunch, and dinner!" "What do other ex-owners do after they've sold out?" Failing to answer these concerns can create vacillation, reluctance, and ultimately, an unwillingness on the part of many ow…Read More

  4. Failure to Plan Has a Price

      I never worry about action, but only about inaction. –Winston Churchill “I haven’t decided what I ultimately want to do with my business, when I want to exit, how much money I’ll need, or whom to sell to. So how can I plan my exit? Besides, I don’t want to exit right now.” If you…Read More

  5. A Good Year to Avoid Last Year’s Mistakes

    Let’s take a hard look at how we can change our businesses in one simple way: avoid the mistake we made last year and in every year before that: procrastination. Specifically, if all owners know that someday they’ll leave their companies, why then do they do nothing to plan for that day? In work…Read More

  6. Why Should You Exit Plan When You Have No Plans To Exit?

    We’ve all pitied the well-past-his-prime athlete who refuses to retire. Does the aging business owner who stays in his business deserve our pity as well? Is there something wrong with an owner who refuses to retire — not because he needs the money or the status, but--because he finds little mean…Read More

  7. Family Succession Planning Via Sale To Third Party

    When Exit Objectives Clash Many business owners facing imminent exit have the enviable but difficult choice of either selling the business to an outside third party and achieving their financial objectives or, conversely, transferring the business to loyal motivated key employees or family. This is …Read More

  8. Business Continuity Solutions for Sole Owners

    Contemplating one’s own demise is far too depressing. So, let’s talk of someone else, an imaginary character, Jim Flaherty (age 54) who owned “Engineering Solutions,” a civil and environmental engineering firm in Western Massachusetts. One day Jim simply disappeared while scouting new hiking…Read More

  9. Biggest Exit Planning Myth

    Myth: "My CPA will tell me when it is time to start planning for my business transition." (Replace CPA with "attorney," "financial planner," or "insurance professional" and the myth remains intact.) Fact: Your advisors, be they CPA’s, attorneys, Financial or Insurance Professionals, may not ini…Read More

  10. Pre-Sale Due Diligence

    [et_pb_section bb_built="1" next_background_color="#000000"][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text] This article is for those who have ever given thought to selling their companies to a third party. In order for you to attract a buyer to your company, you must engage in the pre-sale due dil…Read More